Payday Loan Consolidation – Pay off your existing loans


Over the years, a household can quickly accumulate credit. The car is a car loan paid, the kitchen (eg with a kitchen credit ) will be financed through an installment loan and the room wall was a small loan paid. Monthly installments are charged for all purchases and in such cases, the question could quickly arise: is not everything easier and cheaper? If you, too, have asked yourself this question, then you should think about rescheduling.

What may sound odd at first may make your financial situation easier for you, and in the best case you can even save cash. Because with a Manucrediter rescheduling you bring your existing loans together and pay in the end only a new loan installment. Basically, you’re taking out a new loan that equals the amount of your current loan, paying off your existing loans in one fell swoop.

Wondering how to save money with a debt rescheduling loan?

Wondering how to save money with a debt rescheduling loan?

In our comparison, pay attention to the interest rate of the respective loan offer. Because, if this is cheaper than your current financing, then you save on interest month after month because you have lower interest costs with the new loan. If, for example, you have a credit line and this is often fully utilized, then you can convert it into a installment loan and benefit from the described interest rate advantage. A credit line usually has above-average interest rates.

In a survey by Stiftung Warentest in 2017, it emerged that on average customers had to pay a dispensation of 9.78% pa. You will already receive an online loan from Manucrediter significantly below 3.00% (credit rating required) to consolidate your loan. A credit line must also be repaid someday. At which interest rate you want to repay this, however, depends entirely on you.

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